4 Winter Tree Care Tips For Healthier Trees Year Round

The winter may be mild this year, but that doesn’t mean that you should stop thinking about your trees! Proper winter tree care sets your trees up for success, so be sure not to neglect them!

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Here are 4 winter tree care tips for healthier trees year round:

Keep Salt Away From Tree Roots

hansen's tree careWhen ice hits, our first instinct is to apply salt to melt it. Salt will keep your property safe from slips and falls, but remember to keep the salt away from your trees and their roots! Salt damage from runoff is one of the top winter injuries to tree roots.

If you must salt, do so lightly and consider planting salt-resistant trees such as ginko or white oak.

Protect Vulnerable Trees From Freeze

Older, more established trees are better at resisting freeze better than their younger counterparts. To protect vulnerable trees from freeze, wrap them in burlap or other insulating, protective material. This will protect their bark from sun scald, drying, and animal foraging.

When the weather warms back up, take off the insulation to prevent pests and disease.

Apply Mulch To Retain Moisture & Warmth

Correctly applying mulch around the base of your trees will help with root insulation, water management, and improved soil. So remember to order your 100% organic mulch from Hansen’s Tree Service to keep your trees happy and healthy this winter.

Water Your Trees, When Needed

Yes, trees need watering even in the winter! Watering in the winter helps the trees retain moisture and nutrients and may keep the tree from drying out. If the winter has been especially dry, your evergreens are experiencing browning needles, or the tree is newly transplanted, your trees could benefit from a slow soaking.

Before watering, check the soil moisture with a screwdriver. If it comes out dry, go ahead and water.

Call A Hansen’s ISA-Certified Arborist

Need help with your trees? The professional ISA-certified arborists at Hansen’s Tree Service stand ready to provide you with the best tree care possible, from pest and disease management to tree pruning and removal. We offer hassle-free estimates that fit with your schedule. We will stop by, evaluate your trees, and email you an estimate. It’s that easy!

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