Keep Your Yard Weed Free With Lawn Care Services (Part 2)


While some may think that there is only one type of grass growing in their lawns, the truth is there is only one type of desirable grass. Many destructive plants hide under the persona of grass in both name and appearance, but a closer look reveals what they truly are: weeds.  It’s time to get aggressive in your lawn care routine and save your turf from these harmful St. Louis species.

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 2.15.38 PMCrabgrass

This household term is often overused to refer to any ugly or coarse patch of grass, but crabgrass is actually a specific weed that weakens turf by releasing toxins through its roots. In fact, crabgrass craves sparse areas with full sunlight and only appears in the summer months when the St. Louis climate is at its hottest and most dry. Don’t let its disappearance at first frost fool you. Without proper preventive lawn care measures, crabgrass will disperse seeds mid summer and return the following year. The best way to protect your turf is to keep the lawn seeded and properly watered. Taller grass will shade the ground from direct sunlight and prevent seeds from establishing themselves mid summer. A well-aerated lawn helps soil hold moisture and encourages deeper turf roots that avoid contact with crabgrass toxins.  Chemical control management such as Hansen’s preemergence treatments are also very effective when applied in early spring before germination occurs.

Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 2.17.32 PMDallisgrass

Many weeds are mistaken for crabgrass, but the most common kind in St. Louis is dallisgrass. Unlike crabgrass, this weed is a more persistent perennial and likes moist areas. You can prevent dallisgrass by keeping your lawn thick and healthy because this weed typically appears in thinner areas, where its roots can more easily take permanent residence. Mowing and mulching are generally not effective when getting rid of dallisgrass; digging the weed out of the ground usually eliminates it. However, once dallisgrass is established in the soil, chemical treatments may be necessary. Luckily the same chemical treatment that gets rid of crabgrass also kills dallisgrass.


Neither of these weeds can survive in a healthy lawn, and keeping that lawn healthy is a big time commitment. Let Hansen’s beat your weeds with a variety of preventive and exterminating services. Contact us today and learn more about Hansen’s St. Louis lawn care.

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