Managing Tree Root Diseases

Tree root diseases can be scary to deal with as a homeowner. You may be wondering if your tree can be saved, or if these diseases can spread to your other trees.

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The best way to manage tree root diseases is to take steps to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

managing root diseasesAvoid Plant Stress Through Correct Planting Techniques

When planting new trees, you want to do your best to avoid stressing the plant out too much. While some transplant shock is normal when planting new trees, you will need to keep up their watering and care to keep them from getting root diseases and dying.

Always plant your tree in the right place! Avoid poorly drained, compacted soils as they can lead to poor root health and growth. Consult a Hansen’s ISA certified arborist about planting the right tree in the right place.

Water Your Trees Appropriately

Inappropriate watering can lead to root diseases such as root rot. This is especially true if your area has been getting a lot of rain and the tree is in a low lying area that is prone to flooding.

In the heat of summer, check the moisture of the soil around your tree by sticking a dry screwdriver into the soil. If it comes out dry, water your trees with a slow soak.

In the winter, keep your tree’s roots healthy by preventing overexposure to salt and mulching in the fall.

Use Hansen’s Mulch & Compost To Increase Tree Vigor

Applying compost and mulch around your trees when needed is an excellent, natural way to help manage and avoid tree diseases, as well as increase tree vigor. Hansen’s 100% organic mulch and compost is designed to help your tree maintain moisture, fend off pests and disease, and take in essential nutrients.

When placing these products in your yard or around your tree, use the correct amount and application techniques. We have a handy mulch calculator to help you quickly determine how much you need.

Avoid Damage To The Tree For Healthy Roots

Improper pruning, damage from lawnmowers, and excavation in the root zone of a tree all cause damage that can lead to root diseases. If your tree roots have been damaged, keep an eye out for symptoms like leaf wilting and dropping, make sure the tree gets enough water, and aerate the roots. This last tip is essential is allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots.

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