St. Louis Lawn Care Tips for the Fall Months

As the brutal St. Louis summer subsides and the cool weather blows in, it is important to remember the basics of fall lawn care. Though many find it difficult to maintain motivation for yard work this time of year, the early fall months are the perfect time to prepare your lawn for next season and ensure that it comes back lush, healthy and beautiful in the spring.

Here are a few simple lawn care tasks you can perform in the fall that will make a big difference come April and May:

  • Fertilize your lawn before the first heavy freeze with a winterizer fertilizer. This type of product is formulated specially for the fall months to promote strong root development and improve soil structure. This also helps build resistance to pests and disease.
  • Be sure and rake up the leaves as they fall. Your lawn needs sunlight and leaves will kill it, not to mention breed disease. Cleaning up also applies to lawn furniture, toys, and anything else lying around your yard that will leave a large dead patch in the spring.
  • Mowing is still extremely important in the winter months. We recommend the highest setting (between 3-3.5 inches) to help insulate the grass. Much longer and your lawn will mat, much shorter and there won’t be room to store nutrients.
  • Just because the temperature may be cooler, your lawn is still growing; so don’t forget to water it!
  • Fall is a great time to repair your lawn with sodding or seeding. But be sure to complete this process before the winter months.
  • Aerate your lawn to allow roots to breath, grow and absorb nutrients.


For more information on St. Louis lawn care, contact Hansen’s Tree Service in St. Charles. We are available for a variety of lawn services including regular mowing, weed control, mulch application and more!

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