What’s Wrong With My Tree? Powdery Mildew

Powdery Mildew Is A Very Common Fungal Disease

Powdery mildew is a very common fungal disease caused by Podosphaera xanthii. This fungus winters in fallen leaves and other green waste. When spring comes along with humid and wet weather, the spores of this fungus spread to new host plants. Common hosts in our area includes roses, lilacs, many hardwood tree species.

Signs And Symptoms Of Powdery Mildewfungal disease management

Powdery mildew presents on the surface of leaves, stems, flowers, and fruit as a light grey or white powder. When it progresses, you may also see:

  • Curling and yellowing leaves
  • Leaf drop
  • Deformed flowers and fruits

Controlling Powdery Mildew

While powdery mildew is more of a cosmetic issue and not likely to harm your trees, it’s not something you want hanging around. To control powdery mildew, follow these steps:

  • Dispose of green waste at green waste recycling centers
  • Clean garden tools after using
  • Keep your trees and shrubs healthy
  • Apply fungicides
  • Plant resistant tree and shrub varieties

If you suspect a fungal infection in your trees or shrubs, contact the professionals at Hansen’s Tree Service.

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