Improving soil and tree care with an AirSpade® at Hansen’s Tree Service

Are you looking for ways to improve your soil and tree care? At Hansen’s Tree Service, we are proud to offer our clients an effective, efficient tool for providing the highest levels of care: The AirSpade®.

The AirSpade® is a pneumatic soil excavation tool that Hansen’s is now employing in our mission to minimize damage at every level. This method is ideal for jobs that include vertical mulching, bare rooting, radial trenching, and soil aeration.

Mitigates unfavorable soil conditions

Unfavorable soil conditions like compaction negatively affects a tree by preventing good water drainage and root growth. When this pneumatic excavationhappens, the soil needs to be aerated. With AirSpade®, we can more precisely aerate roots while preventing excess damage to the surrounding landscape.

Gentle on the tree’s critical root zone

Why did we choose AirSpade®? Unlike mechanical excavation, air-spading is gentle and more efficient at removing or loosening soil without damaging the critical root zone (CRZ) of a tree. The critical zone is the area that where the majority of a tree’s roots are. This zone can vary by depth and spread based on the type of tree, soil conditions, tree species, age, etc. This helps ensure a healthier tree.

Tree protection on construction sites

During construction on a property, protecting healthy trees from damage is essential in keeping the site’s value and beauty. Some municipalities will require tree protection as part of their development codes and requirements. Hansen’s Tree Service offers tree protection plans to protect them against unnecessary damage and make site recommendations after performing a tree assessment.

By investing in innovative technology like the AirSpade®, Hansen’s Tree Service has set a precedent for other tree care services that want to ensure the safety and long-term health of their clients’ landscapes.

Minimize damage at every level
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