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Organic compost makes the best fertilizer for lawn and landscape

✓ Types of Compost and soil ammendments offered at Hansen's

  • "Magic Bean" Organic Compost
  • "Super Soil" Topsoil
  • Bio Retention Soil

✓ What Exactly is the Magic Bean Organic Compost?

Our Organic Compost is a soil-like mixture of decomposed remnants of organic matter such as grass, wood, gypsum, and soils. It is both porous and absorbent, which helps hold water and provide nutrients to maximize plant growth. Hansen's organic compost is certified by the Seal of Testing Assurance Program, which the only U.S. program that certifies the quality of compost.

✓ Beneficial Characteristics:

  • Enhances Plant Growth - The nutrients in compost, such as nitrogen, are at higher levels than regular fertilizer. Compost has lower salt content than fertilizer and doesn't burn the lawn or plant like fertilizer can.
  • Conserves Water - Compost helps plants grow longer roots with helps conserve water. A person uses 30% less water to water lawn/plants. The compost and mulch helps hold moisture on the plants/lawn.
  • Prevents Weeds - Stronger, healthier plants grow densely, reducing the space for weeds to grow.
  • Prevents Disease - The composting process kills disease and pathogen by "cooking" the material over a long period of time (1-2 years). The composting process enhanced the reproduction of beneficial bacteria, which causes high temperatures and reduces oxygen, thereby killing the viruses, E coli, salmonella, and other harmful bacteria.
  • Amends Soil - Compost amends clay soil by introducing organic matter that clings to the clay particles, splitting them up, and then introduces micro-organisms that, after eating the organic matter, create byproducts which further loosens the clay and helps it breathe.

✓ Super Soil Topsoil

Our "Super Soil" Topsoil is composed of 70% soil and 30% organic compost in order to further enhance the biological benefits to the plant being planted. By blending the two at such a ratio, the topsoil is doubly beneficial when used in planting beds, potted plants, or spread throughout a yard prior to seeding and sodding. This product can be used in a general purpose manner than the organic compost while still all of the benefits of organic compost mentioned above.

✓ Bio- Retention Soil

Hansen's Bio-Retention soil is the ultimate in allowing water drainage while still providing a nutrient rich growing medium. This topsoil is a custom blend of soil, compost, and sand. The sand allows the water infiltrate through the area faster than a normal topsoil. This makes our bio-retention soil ideal for areas in a landscape that have a lot of water flow, such as a depression at the bottom of a hill, or and island in a parking lot. This soil was constructed originally by Hansen's to satisfy the needs of the Metropolitan Sewer District in St. Louis.

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