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Keep Your Plants Healthy With Super Soil

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we are dedicated to the environment and the health of your trees and lawn. As good stewards of the earth, we developed Hansen’s Super Soil Topsoil from 100% recycled green waste generated from jobs so nothing goes to waste. Whether you are amending your soil or starting a new gardening area, our topsoil will help ensure that your plants get the nutrients they need.

The Perfect Blend

This nutrient rich topsoil is composed of 70% soil and 30% organic compost The blend maximizes the biological benefits of this organic soil for ultimate plant growth and garden yield. The blending ratio makes this topsoil especially beneficial for planting beds, organic gardens and retaining wall backfill, or to incorporate throughout a yard prior to seeding or sodding.

100% Organic & Pulverized For Easy Handling

Dark in color and full of essential nutrients, Hansen’s Super Soil Topsoil is made of 100% organic materials, so you know you are putting down an environmentally safe product for your plants, family, and pets.

In Hansen’s Super Soil, the organic materials are pulverized, leaving no big clumps to get in the way, making for easy handling. Everything is broken up for easy spreading and making the environment hospitable to your plants. In addition, our Super Soil is clean. It is screened to ensure that no rocks, roots, and other debris are present.

Where To Get Super Soil

It’s easy to get Hansen’s Super Soil Topsoil with Hansen’s online ordering and delivery.

Note: Super Soil is available only in the St. Louis area. If you are located Southwest Missouri, go to this page for the available top soil product in your area.

Top Soil

Super Soil

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Hansen’s Super Soil Topsoil is also available for purchase at our St. Louis, Missouri locations:

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