What’s Wrong With My Tree? Nematodes

Nematodes Are Non-Segmented Roundworms

Nematodes are non-segmented roundworms that live in the soil and play a vital role in the environment, like controlling disease and cycle nutrients. Some feed on plants and algae, others feed on fungi and bacteria, and other nematodes feed on other nematodes. Most nematodes aren’t plant parasites and aren’t anything to worry about.

However, a population of nematodes can cause diseases in trees by feeding on the roots, puncturing the cell wall of root cells, and ingesting the contents.nematodes

Signs Of Nematodes In Your Trees

If your tree is displaying strange symptoms with no obvious sign, it could indicate parasitic nematodes. Other signs can include:

  • Galls on the roots of affected plants
  • Wilting, despite adequate watering
  • Loss of vigor
  • Yellowing leaves

These symptoms are also indicative of a nutritional deficiency, so contact Hansen’s Tree Service for a tree inspection to rule out other problems.

Treatment Options For Nematodes

Managing harmful nematodes can be difficult and primarily includes preventive measures like:

  • Cleaning garden tools between uses
  • Preventing water from infested plants from running off
  • Using plants from reliable nurseries that are resistant

Treating trees that are susceptible and are near those that have died from them Soil amendments like organic compost can also help reduce the effect of nematodes on plants. All of Hansen’s organic compost is certified by the US Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance Program, which certifies quality compost. Compost should never smell bad and be free of garbage and inorganic materials.

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