3 Tips For Spotting Aphid Infestations In Large Trees

Aphids are small, sap-sucking insects that feed on stems, leaves, and other tender parts of a plant. This widespread pest will feed on almost anything but prefer trees with large, thick leaves. Aphids are typically tricky to spot on plants.

Since aphids cannot be predicted, you will have to look for signs in your trees. Here are the most common symptoms:

pest managementYou Find Sticky Leaves Or Leaves Dripping Sap

Are you finding sticky leaves on the ground or see that your tree’s leaves are dripping “sap”? It could be honeydew.

Despite its name, honeydew is anything but sweet. This substance is the waste aphids leave behind after feeding on a tree’s sap, and it can drip onto anything below the tree. If honeydew is present, your large tree could have an infestation.

Galls Are Forming On Your Trees

Noticing the development of galls on your trees? These abnormal tissue growths

Before you treat your trees for aphids, contact a professional to ensure the galls are not caused by something else. Other insects like wasps can cause galls. For example, jumping oak gall and gouty oak gall are caused by wasps laying their eggs.

There Is Sooty Mold

Sooty mold is a black, powdery substance that can cover leaves and twigs. This fungi or mold grows on the honeydew left by aphids and can also appear on other surfaces where honeydew is present, like lawn furniture.

Sooty mold feeds on honeydew and doesn’t harm trees directly but can be a problem if it becomes thick enough and cause leaf yellowing. Removing the aphids will prevent sooty mold from spreading further, and it will eventually go away.

Contact Your Hansen’s ISA-Certified Arborist

If you suspect that you have an aphid infestation in your trees, contact your local ISA-arborist at Hansen’s Tree Service. They will inspect your trees for aphids and rule out other possible reasons for your tree’s symptoms. Then, they will recommend a course of action.

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