3 Ways Snow Will Damage Your Trees (If You’re Not Careful)

snow-934885_640Saint Louis weather can be unpredictable—especially in the winter. With freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, the local weather can take a harsh toll on your trees. As a business, the damage to your trees can hurt the aesthetics and value of your property. Here’s what you need to know about winter tree care and how reliable snow removal can help.

Broken Limbs

Snow gets very heavy when it accumulates. As a result, tree limbs can get dangerously weighed down and break off. To remove snow from your trees, your first instinct may be to shake the limbs. This method is not recommended as it is dangerous and can cause limb breakage.

To prevent breakage and property damage, get your trees trimmed early on to remove dead, dying, or structurally unsound limbs.

Root Damage

Snow can cause damage to the roots of your trees through freezing and what is known as frost heaving. This phenomenon occurs when soil freezes and thaws, lifting the soil up before contracting again. These contractions harm roots by exposing them to cold temperatures.

To prevent frost heaving and damaged roots, spread mulch at base of trees and amend your soil with compost. Mulch will help insulate the soil and keep roots safe from freezing and frost heaving.

Salt Damage

With all of the snow that Saint Louis can receive, that means that salt will be spread. While salt is good for making roads and pathways safer for us, it isn’t so good for tree health. Salt injury to trees happen when salt spray from trucks get on the leaves and in the soil, causing the tree to get sick. Symptoms of salt damage include:

  • Browning of needles on evergreens
  • Leaf scorch
  • Branch die back

Test the pH balance of your soil to determine its composition and address any deficiencies or excesses. That way, you can find the best product for your soil.

Invest in Professional Snow Removal

A professional snow removal service is a sound investment for your business during the winter and can save you a lot of trouble. In addition to promoting winter tree care, it also removes snow from streets and parking lots to make your commercial property a safer place for employees and customers.

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