3 Ways You Unknowingly May Be Harming Your Trees

Trees are unique organisms. They help filter the air to reduce pollution, conserve energy, increase the value of a property, provide habitats, and reduce stormwater runoff. Caring for trees is essential to the health of the environment and our communities.

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You want the best for your trees, but incorrect caring methods can harm your trees. Here are seven ways you may be unknowingly harming your trees:

Staking Trees

staking treesStaking trees can have the benefit of preventing them from falling over, but staking them incorrectly or for too long hinders their health and growth. Staked trees cannot build the trunk and root strength they need to withstand wind and other conditions.

While staking may be necessary in some cases, removing the stake as soon as possible benefits your tree in the long run. If the tree does need to be staked, dynamic tree cabling allows the tree to move while providing non-invasive support. Talk with your arborist about the benefits of staking your trees.

Incorrect Mulching

Mulching is pretty straightforward. Just put down mulch where you need it, and you’re done! Right?

Not so fast!

Mulching requires correct application techniques to prevent overheating, root rot, and other conditions. Avoid these mistakes when mulching:

  • Mulch volcanoes
  • Applying mulch right up against the base of the trees
  • Applying too much mulch

Instead, know how much mulch you need, keep mulch away from the base of trees, and mix up old and new mulch while keeping it 2-4 inches deep. Your trees will thank you!


There is no doubt that watering your trees when needed is beneficial. Water helps the tree absorb nutrients through its roots to facilitate growth. When exposed to too much water, root rot and other conditions are a real threat.

Before you water your trees, stick a screwdriver into the soil, and if it comes away dry, your tree could use a watering. Also, knowing the type of tree you have will go a long way in keeping them healthy and preventing overwatering. Many trees are drought resistant.

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