4 Benefits Of A Tree Inventory on Your Property

Like many things, it’s difficult to manage something unless you know what you have. When it comes to trees, knowledge is power, thanks to having a tree inventory as a tool for your management decisions. Tree inventories conducted by an ISA-certified arborist help reduce your liability, increase public safety, and can reduce costs. A tree inventory can be as simple as a hand-drawn map of your property and a list of the trees that are present. The list typically contains information about the type of tree, its condition, and any needs that may be present.

tree inventoryA high-level tree inventory will include the use of GPS that creates accurate maps of tree locations. The tree locations are numbered on the map with an aerial photograph as the background. This creates a strong visual tool for making decisions. A computer-generated tree list accompanies the map and includes as much detail as you desire, perhaps including information about tree risk.

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Here are the four benefits of having a tree inventory available to you:

Know What Trees You Have

One of the main benefits of having a tree inventory is knowing what trees you have on your property. Many tree species have characteristics that will direct future care decisions.  For example, if the inventory identifies the location of ash trees on the property, it becomes much easier to calculate the potential costs to deal with treatments for emerald ash borer.  Species identification provides basic information that is critical for a tree care plan. Assessments will provide you with a list of trees, their locations, and their needs.

Better Budgeting For Tree Care

Tree inventories can help you budget more efficiently for tree care, especially if you have a tree at risk for a specific disease or pest, like emerald ash borer. When creating a budget, take into consideration not only pest and disease management but tree care such as:

  • Pruning
  • Weeding
  • Mulching

Budgeting is much easier with a list of trees, their needs, suggested prescriptions, and costs for treatments.  This helps with short term and long term budgeting.

Guidance On New Plantings & Construction

New construction can be damaging to trees. With a tree inventory, landowners like you will develop a better plan of what trees you want to keep during construction and where to plant new ones.

Inventory reports are used to develop tree protection plans and serve as a guide for new tree planting decisions to ensure species diversification.

Keep Your Property Safe

Risk assessment is a big part of a tree inventory. Assessments determine what trees are at risk for storm and other damage and help landowners prepare accordingly. This helps keep the property safe for all. If a tree is at risk of falling or is dead, call your local tree care specialist to remove the tree.

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Hansen’s Tree Service is equipped to take inventory of and assess your trees, be it commercial or residential. We are highly experienced, insured, and knowledgeable with two Master Arborists on staff. Take the time to schedule a tree inventory with an ISA-Certified arborist at Hansen’s Tree Service.

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