4 More Dos’ & Don’ts Of Fall Tree Care

At Hansen’s Tree Service, it’s no secret that tree care is our passion. Our mission is to educate and help you care for your trees throughout the year.

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Previously, we discuss five dos’ and don’ts of fall tree care. This year, we bring you four more:

Do Cable Trees, If Necessary

Tree cabling is the use of cables or other rope-like materials to stabilize the physical structure of the tree in cases when it cannot support its own weight. With the loss of foliage in the fall, you may more easily notice deformities or failures in your trees. The lack of foliage in the fall also makes it easier for your arborists to install non-invasive cabling to support your tree.

It’s important to remember that no matter what time of year it is, if your tree is in need of cabling call your tree professionals. The sooner you get your trees cabled and safe, the better.

Don’t Neglect Root Care

In the fall, don’t forget to take care of the roots of your trees. This means keeping an eye out for problems such as root rots and damage. In the fall, make sure that your trees aren’t being overwatered or overfertilized to prevent fungi and other diseases from taking hold.

Do Take The Time To Plant Trees

If you have trees you’ve been planning on planting, fall is the time to do it. Planting in the fall provides young trees with many benefits such as an excellent growing condition of warmer soils and cooler air. Less watering is also needed and young trees are less likely to become stressed.

Do Get Your Trees Inspected Annually

Fall is a good time to get your trees annually inspected. This time of year is when homeowners should be thinking about keeping their trees and property safe. That’s why Hansen’s provides tree health consulting services that will give you detailed information about the best tree care options for your property.

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