4 Signs Of Winter Stress In Your Trees

Winter can be a hard time on trees. With the fluctuating temperatures in the St. Louis region, as well as off and on snow and ice, trees can find themselves stressed. It is often not the cold of winter by itself that stresses trees, but rather temperature fluctuations and weather conditions.

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Here are four signs of winter stress in your trees that you should look out for:

Browning Leaves & Needles

winter tree stressBrowning leaves and needles is a sign of winter stress in your trees due to salt damage, wind damage, and inadequate watering. Sudden drops in temperature can cause injury to trees that have not acclimated.

Limb Breakage

Broken limbs across your property are a sure sign of winter stress and damage from wind, snow, and ice. Keep your trees pruned and maintained to help reduce breakage in the winter. If you come across broken or ice and snow-covered limbs, do not attempt to remove them yourself. You could get injured. Instead, call the professionals at Hansen’s Tree Service.

Bark Splitting

Is the bark of your tree splitting? Splitting bark is a telltale sign of winter stress and experiencing what is known as sun-scald. This is when the tree becomes warm during the day and then freeze at night, causing the bark and wood to split.

Sun scald can be prevented by wrapping the trunk of your tree with chicken wire stuffed with straw. Just remember to remove it when spring comes around to prevent disease and pests.

Exposed Roots

Are the roots of your trees exposed? Damage to the roots of your trees during winter is detrimental to their health in that salt and exposure could cause them to become injured and die. Trees with damaged roots can decline in health come spring.

A layer of mulch applied in the fall can help insulate roots throughout the winter, keeping the soil a consistent temperature.

Contact Hansen’s Tree Service

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Hansen’s also provides 24/7 emergency tree services.

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