4 Tips For Buying High-Quality, Nutrient-Rich Compost

Compost is an excellent organic material that introduces essential nutrients into the soil, helps fight off weeds, and allows for better water retention. Whether you are a first-time gardener or a veteran landscaper, it is essential to know your compost and how to buy the best.

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Follow these four tips for buying high-quality, nutrient-rich compost:

Look For STA Certification

One of the keys to knowing you are buying high-quality compost is to look for STA certification from the US Composting Council. These certifications mean that the compost undergoes regular testing while complying with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations.

Hansen’s Tree Service is determined to bring you the best and safest compost, which is why we have become STA Certified through the US Composting Council.

Compost Should Never Have a Strong Smell

If your compost smells like garbage or ammonia, it should not be used in your garden. Compost that is ready to use should have a pleasant smell. It can be described as “clean dirt or earthy.” Smelly compost is an indication that something is wrong with the product, from a material imbalance to the product not being finished.

Compost Should Be Free Of Inorganic Material & Garbage

It should go without saying that high-quality, nutrient-rich compost should be free of inorganic materials and garbage, like plastic. These materials do not benefit your garden and can even introduce unwanted elements into the soil. If there is garbage in your compost, throw it out and contact your supplier.

Compost should have a loose, fluffy texture that is cool to the touch and dark brown or black in color. There should also be no slime or chunks that hint at what the original ingredients were.

Buy From A Trusted Source

One of the first steps in buying high-quality, nutrient-rich compost is to purchase from a trusted source like Hansen’s Tree Service. Knowing who made the compost will go a long way in telling you more about it. For example, at Hansen’s Tree Service, our compost is 100% organic and thoroughly screened to ensure there are no weed seeds, chemicals, or other biological agents.

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