Are Fresh Christmas Trees Good For Mulch?

As the holidays approach and you admire your decked up, fresh Christmas tree, you may wonder how you will dispose of it after the season is done.

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Do you set it out to be taken away with the trash? Can you recycle it? Can it even be recycled into mulch?

Yes! Fresh Christmas trees make a great source of mulch after the season is over! Here is how:

Take It Hansen’s Tree Services’ Green Waste Recycling

Hansen's green waste recyclingThe easiest way to turn your Christmas tree into fresh mulch is to take it to one of Hansen’s Tree Services’ green waste recycling centers. We will take your Christmas tree for a small fee and take it to our mulching facility to be turned into 100% organic mulch.

Mulch is a wonderful way to keep your lawn and trees healthy through water retention and weed suppression. When it naturally decomposes, it provides much needed nutrients to the soil.

Research Your Local Recycling Program

Many cities and towns across the country have local green waste recycling programs that will pick up your Christmas tree and take it away to be recycled for you.

Recycled Christmas trees are used across the country in conservation programs to help maintain and improve wildlife habitats such as sand dunes.

Do Not Burn Your Christmas Tree!

Whatever you do, please do not burn your Christmas tree when you are done with it! Burning these trees is very dangerous as they burn very hot and damage your chimney through the buildup of creosote and other chemicals. There is also a risk of the sap exploding and causing personal injury to those nearby.

Get The Most Out Of Your Old Christmas Tree

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