4 Benefits Of Applying Organic Topdressing To Your Lawn This Fall

A healthy lawn not only looks good, but can help improve the environment by helping clean the air, trap stormwater runoff, and improve soil structure to prevent compaction.

That is why you should topdress your lawn this fall with Hansen’s organic compost, as needed. Here are several benefits to applying topdressing:

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Enhance Seed Germinationtopdressing, compost

When you topdress your lawn after aerating and seeding, you are covering new grass seeds with compost. As a result, you are helping the soil to retain moisture and provide a beneficial, healthy environment for seedlings to sprout come spring.

Improves The Soil Quality

Applying topdressing in the fall improves your lawn’s soil quality by reintroducing lost nutrients as the compost breaks down over time. Since compost is made with a mix of decomposing green matter like grass, leaves, and manure, it is an excellent solution to a lawn that is lacking in essential nutrients.

Good soil quality means your lawn (and surrounding plants) will grow healthier and more resistant to stresses like drought thanks to a deeper, healthier root system.

Improves Microbial Activity To Prevent Excess Thatch

Poor soil quality often means reduced microbial and animal activity. As a result, thatch, dead turfgrass that lies between healthy vegetation and the soil, can form block air and nutrients from reaching the grass roots. Thatch can also harbor and encourage pest populations that can harm your plant life.

When your soil is improved through topdressing, organic topdressing encourages beneficial microbes and animals in the soil to thrive. These include earthworms, who are essential in a healthy environment. Introducing compost to your lawn via topdressing can encourage growth of these healthy organisms and thus prevent excess thatch from forming due to overwatering, overfertilizing, or scalping your lawn.

Evens Out Hollow Spots In Your Lawn

Is your lawn bumpy with hollow spots that make mowing or even walking difficult? Organic compost topdressing can help fill in those shallow spots.

Low spots in your lawn not only prevents equal access to water, but can be a danger to those who walk across it—like pets, children and visitors. By filling out these low spots, you are creating a lawn that is easier to maintain, looks great, and is safe to tread on.

Topdressing to even out hollow spots in your lawn is recommended only for mild unevenness. If your yard is an extreme case, call a professional who will be able to advise and help.

Contact A Professional Before Topdressing

Before you topdress, contact Hansen’s Tree Service. We will help you determine if topsoil is right for you and if so, the best methods and time for applying it. Too much, and you can damage your lawn, and too late, it can delay early growth because plants will have an extra layer to grow through.

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