Benefits of Mulching in the Fall

When most people think of mulching, they think of weed control in the spring and summer months. But mulch is just as important during the fall for a different reason. When the colder St. Louis weather sets in and the ground freezes, root systems can become exposed. Mulch aids in balancing the temperature by raising the freeze line, allowing worms to come closer to the surface. Think of it as a warm, heavy blanket of protection.

Neglecting to mulch in the fall can be extremely detrimental to your plants in the spring season. And the cost of mulching is nothing compared to the cost of replacing some of your favorite trees and shrubs. It also adds a beautiful aesthetic to your landscape in the winter months.

Hansen’s offers three types of premium mulch:

  • Double Ground Organic Blend- this certified organic hardwood mulch is ground twice to guarantee appropriate chip size for the customer’s yard.
  • Triple Ground Organic Blend– this mulch is ground three times to make finer particles.
  • Certified Playground Mix– This mulch is certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association. It is designed with a larger particle size for increased stability under heavy foot traffic.


Not looking forward to the shoveling and spreading yourself? Have your mulch professionally installed by the experts at Hansen’s. We can quickly estimate the amount of mulch you need and then you choose the color. We’ve got mulch to match any yard in dark brown, walnut, coffee, black and red. Hansen’s will take care of everything from bed preparation to cleanup. Keep your yard looking beautiful and healthy this fall.

Hansen’s offers organic mulch installation in the St. Louis and St. Charles area. Contact us for more information on the benefits of fall mulching.

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