The Benefits Of Pruning Your Trees In The Winter

Did you know that property owners have a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to be sure that any risk from their trees is kept to a minimum? As a homeowner, this means you should ensure that your trees are healthy and well-maintained. Along with regular inspection and assessment, pruning dead or unsound branches from your trees can reduce liability and improve tree health.

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Before having your tree pruned, ask yourself why you want it pruned and how pruning will affect your tree. An ISA Certified Arborist can help to determine what your trees need and how they will benefit.  And, if you choose to have your trees pruned in the winter, you can take advantage of a few benefits:

Easily Remove Compromised Limbs

By pruning in the winter, you are removing limbs that are structurally unsound. When snow accumulates on your trees weak branches can become heavy and break off, becoming a danger to any passers-by. Removing dead limbs also helps prevent diseased branches from spreading the disease to other parts of the tree.

Remember to have a professional prune your trees! Tree care specialists like arborists are professionally trained on the right ways to prune, are insured, and have the right equipment in order to do it safely.

Harmful Pests Are Dormant In The Winter

In the winter pests are dormant, which is good news for your tree. Many pests, like elm bark beetles, are attracted to freshly pruned trees and can attack the tree and even spread diseases like Dutch Elm disease. Since they are dormant in the winter, your tree won’t be as vulnerable.

Winter can be a good time to treat for pests and diseases to protect your trees year-round. So be sure to ask your attending arborist about the best treatments plans for your tree.

Winter Pruning Promotes Spring Growth

Pruning in the winter helps promote spring growth. Because there is no interruption to the tree’s growth cycle, the tree is less stressed from winter pruning. Just remember to take proper care of your trees in winter to ensure their health.

Winter Pruning Is Convenient

Lastly, pruning in the winter is convenient. Come spring and summer you may have a list of projects you need to devote your attention to. Winter is an excellent time to get scratch pruning off of that list and have peace of mind in the spring.

In addition, you can even save money! Hansen’s Tree Service offers discounts in the winter so you can get the tree care you need, along with a Hassle Free Estimate.

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