Can I Prune My Trees In The Summer?


Pruning is an essential part of caring for your trees and promotes growth, prevents branch failure, and removing unhealthy growth. It also keeps branches away from power lines and your home, preventing damage and outages.

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Here is what you should know about pruning your trees in the summer or any time throughout the year:

Don’t Wait For The “Right” Time

As we’ve previously discussed, if your trees need to be pruned due to dead, dying, or diseased limbs go ahead and get it done. While there are benefits to pruning your trees in the winter, don’t worry about the “right” time” to prune your trees if it is needed.

Reject Unacceptable Pruning Methods

There are many ways to prune a tree based on its needs. A professional, certified arborist worth their salt will know the best, acceptable methods of pruning that will not harm your tree and promote future growth:

  • Pruning to clean: Removes dead, diseased, and broken limbs.
  • Pruning to thin: Selective removal of small live branches to reduce canopy density.
  • Pruning to raise: Removes low branches to provide clearance under the tree.
  • Pruning to reduce: Reduces the height and spread of tree’s crown using proper cuts (not topping!)

Reject unacceptable and unethical pruning methods that weaken and damage trees such as tree topping.

Tree Maintenance Is Your Responsibility

As a home or business owner the trees on your property are your responsibility. If a limb that has been neglected falls and damages property or harms someone you can be held liable. In addition, should a tree or branch fall and the tree was well cared for insurance is more likely to cover the damages.

Get Your Trees Inspected By A Professional, Certified Arborist

When it comes to pruning your trees, enlist the help of a professional, certified arborist from Hansen’s Tree Service. It is recommended that you not perform tree maintenance such as pruning yourself to avoid injury.

Our arborists will inspect your trees and assess the risk and perform maintenance such as mulching, fertilizing, and pruning.

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