Caring For Your Trees With Mulch: Infographic

To provide your property with the best first impression possible and keep your trees beautiful and healthy choose Hansen’s 100% organic mulch. Mulch provides many benefits to your trees to keep them healthy and looking beautiful.

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Many thanks to the Missouri Community Forestry Council for the development of this informational poster.

Choose Organic Mulch

Credit to Mark Halpin, Urban Forester with the City of Brentwood

When finding the best mulch for your trees, it is best to choose organic. Organic mulch has soil enhancing properties when it breaks down. When you apply new mulch, remember not to use the same kind over and over as it can negatively affect the pH levels and nutrient composition of your soil.

The experts at Hansen’s Tree Service will help you choose the right mulch and the right amount to prevent under- or over-mulching

Use The Correct Mulching Methods

When putting mulch down around your trees, you will need to implement the correct mulching techniques:

  • Avoid mulch volcanoes
  • Mix up the old mulch, aerating it and checking depth
  • Apply mulch in a donut shape, avoiding the trunk and bark
  • Keep the mulch 2-4 inches deep

Remember to extend the mulch out to the tree’s drip line, as the tree’s roots extend out to this point.

Protect Your Tree’s Roots

Mulch is greatly beneficial to your trees and lawn in that it helps control weeds and helps preserve soil moisture, helping save water.

After you water and put down mulch to preserve that moisture (be sure not to overwater!) your tree will be good to go to be able to absorb the nutrients it needs from the surrounding soil. In addition, a healthy layer of mulch suppresses weeds, resulting in less root competition between the weeds and your tree.

Organic mulch is a great way to protect your tree roots. Mulch insulates the soil, allowing it to stay a consistent temperature throughout the year.

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