Celebrate Earth Day With FREE Green Waste Drop-Off!

Earth Day is a time to celebrate our planet and strive to make it a healthier, greener place to live.  Hansen’s is celebrating Earth Day with FREE green waste disposal at all our recycling locations. You drop it off, and we promise to take your residential green waste and transform it into organic mulch, compost, and soil.

Why Recycle Green Waste?

Did you know that green waste made up 7.2 percent of landfills in the United States, down from 23% in 2013? This is excellent news, but we can do better! Keeping green waste out of landfills can be easily solved with local green waste recycling services, increasing landfills’ space and life while re-introducing essential nutrients to the environment through organic mulch and compost. This is especially important with Missouri’s “no yard waste allowed” laws, making it more expensive to haul dumped green waste to other landfills.

Keeping The Environment Healthy Through Green Waste Recycling

The organic mulch, compost, and soil created through your recycled green waste help keep your lawn and plants healthy by suppressing weeds, managing water, and replenishing nutrients in the soil. Green waste is also used to maintain and improve native wildlife habitats for a healthier environment.

Don’t let your green waste go to waste! Be part of full-circle recycling this Earth Day and bring your green waste to any Hansen’s recycling location in Missouri and enjoy free drop-off.

free green waste recycling missouri

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