Celebrate International Composting Week with Hansen’s

May 6-12, 2018 is International Composting Week. First declared in 1995 in Canada, International Composting week raises awareness of the benefits of composting and helps educate people around the world on its use. This year’s theme is Compost! Building a Better Future.

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we are dedicated to providing 100% organic compost and educating the public on its benefits and use.

Benefits Of Organic Compost

Compost is made up of decomposing organic material like leaves, grass, and manure, in which the microorganisms creates a healthy environment for your lawn and garden. Compost has many benefits for you, your lawn, and the environment. Benefits of using compost include:

  • Amends soil if your lawn is lacking in nutrients
  • Prevents disease
  • Fights weeds
  • Saves water
  • Removes green waste from landfills, reducing methane emissions
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers
  • Helps environmental restoration efforts in forests, wetlands, and other habitats
  • Helps improve water quality

Hansen’s 100% Organic Compost

At Hansen’s Tree and Environmental Services, we don’t let anything go to waste. When we come to your home or business, we always clean up after ourselves and take your green waste with us to turn into our Magic Bean 100% organic compost.

Our Magic Bean organic compost is certified by the U.S. Composting Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance Program for quality.

So do your lawn and environment a favor and apply a layer of compost as topdressing to reinvigorate your lawn and help create a healthier environment. It is recommended that you consult with a professional before you treat your lawn yourself, as they will recommend the best way to do it and determine if your soil is in need of compost.

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