Choose Hansen’s Tree Service For Safe, Ethical Commercial Land Clearing

At Hansen’s Tree Service, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the services it needs to keep their properties safe, beautiful, and well-maintained. Some of our clients require construction and commercial land clearing, and Hansen’s Tree Service is your go-to, trusted service for those needs as well.

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We pride ourselves in ethical land clearing and working closely with our commercial clients to protect their investments.

Safe & Ethical Land Clearing Techniques

Hansen’s commercial land clearing is safe and ethical. We do not burn green waste that creates air quality issues. Instead, we recycle it by grinding it for organic mulch and compost products. Burning green waste is unsafe and irresponsible. It contributes to air, water, and soil pollution, and increases the risk of wildfires. Recycling the tree into mulch and compost creates a product that enhances tree health by improving soil quality.

Low-Impact Machines Reduce Damage To The Land

When clearing commercial land, we use low-impact machines to reduce damage to the ground:

  • The CBI horizontal grinder streamlines the land clearing process by grinding whole trees all at once. Also, this machine can travel in rough terrains on its track drive system.
  • Our Vermeer tub grinders remove piled brush and root wads, so you don’t have to worry about eliminating leftover stumps. The large grapple arm on these machines picks up large clumps of debris at one time to exponentially increase land clearing efficiency.
  • The TimberAxe Land Clearing Mower has tracked skid-steer capabilities to provide efficient, economical, and low-impact land clearing for vegetation under 4” in diameter.

We Keep The Trees You Want

Many trees get damaged during construction due to:

  • Poor pruning
  • Grading, trenching and digging
  • Compacted soil

Hansen’s protects trees on your site through selective clearing, correct pruning techniques, and low-impact machines. Our ISA-certified arborists will do more than clear your land. We will also consult with you to provide tree protection plans. These plans include:

  • Controlling traffic around trees
  • Determining what trees can and cannot be preserved
  • Root pruning in proper locations
  • Tree inventory and assessment

We Clean Up After Ourselves & Care For Your Trees After Clearing

After the job is done, trees removed are chipped on-site, and the mulch reused to care for the protected trees. Extra green waste is taken to our green waste recycling facilities, and our arborists check all remaining trees for damage.

Hansen’s Tree Service will always make sure that the trees on your property not only survive but thrive.

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