Don’t Burn Your Christmas Tree! Recycle It Instead

If you are still hanging on to your live Christmas tree, we recommend removing it from your home as soon as possible.

Why? Dried out live Christmas trees both inside and outside of your home are a fire hazard.

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If you planned on burning your tree, stop and take a step back. There are much better ways to dispose of your old trees that are environmentally friendly and safer.

Here are several reasons why you should never burn your Christmas tree and why you should recycle it instead:

Christmas Trees Burn Hot

One of the main reasons you do not burn your Christmas tree in your hearth is that they burn fast and hot. When caught on fire, a dry tree can go up in seconds. This is an extremely dangerous situation.

If your tree does catch on fire, leave the house immediately, get to a safe place, and call 911.

Chimney & Home Damage From Buildup

Christmas trees can cause serious damage to your fireplace and chimney. Chemicals in the tree such as turpenes, creosote, and turpentine oils burn fast and hot, causing sparks and explosions of sap that can cause chimney fires.

If your chimney has not been cleaned in a while and you burn a Christmas tree in it (or any other material, for that matter!), creosote deposits in the flue can ignite and start a fire. So be sure to get your chimneys regularly inspected and cleaned to maintain a safe burning environment.

These sparks can also hit and possibly ignite and damage flammable material nearby like furniture, rugs, and curtains. Smoke can also quickly billow out, causing smoke damage and risk occupants health with smoke inhalation.

Personal Injury From Exploding Sap

Have you ever been frying bacon and been burned by popping oil? Hurts, doesn’t it?

When Christmas trees burn, the sap can quickly heat up and explode like too-hot bacon oil, causing injury to anyone nearby. If you think burning only a branch or some twigs is alright, we have to stop you there. Just like the whole tree, these smaller pieces pose the same danger of personal injury through exploding sap.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree At Hansen’s Tree Service

Instead of burning your Christmas tree or even just dumping it, be a responsible Christmas tree owner and take it to a recycling facility like Hansen’s Tree Service.

Our green waste recycling center is fully equipped and more than happy to take and recycle your Christmas tree. There may be a small fee but the peace of mind knowing that your Christmas tree is good hands and will be put to good use as 100% organic mulch.

Before you bring your tree to Hansen’s Tree Service for recycling, please make sure that the tree is free of ornaments, tinsel, and lights.

Get The Most Out Of Your Old Christmas Tree

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