What Is Dynamic Tree Cabling & When Do You Need It?

Has a tree on your property become unstable, or damaged due to severe weather? There is no need to fret! If the tree is in good health otherwise, you may be able to save the tree from being removed completely through dynamic tree cabling and limb support.

Tree Cabling & Support Helps Prevent Tree Failure

Trees can fail for a variety of reasons, be it a defect, split, or it has simply become old. Whatever the reason, if your tree is experiencing these failures and you do not want to remove the tree, dynamic tree cabling can help.

This method works by stringing steel cabling or other rope-like material and slings between the tree’s branches to keep those branches from splitting apart or moving further. If you have a tree with heavy, low limbs like a live oak, braces can be installed to distribute the weight and help maintain their height.

It is important to remember that today’s dynamic tree cabling is not like the methods used in the past where static cable was used and trees were even bolted together. Dynamic tree cabling is much healthier for trees in that it is non-invasive and moves with the tree.

When To Call A Professional

Before you cable your tree, it is vital that you call a professional to determine if this method is right for your tree and unique situation. For example, if the tree is dying then the cost of cabling the tree may not be justified and it may be better to remove the tree altogether.

You should also remember that dynamic tree cabling and limb support is not a once and done procedure. These supports should be inspected annually and eventually replaced after about 10 years.

A professional tree service will come to your home to inspect your tree and help you decide whether dynamic tree cabling is right for you. They will examine the integrity and health of your tree, discuss their findings with you, and provide you with a variety of options as per the care of your tree.

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