Emergency Tree Removal Service

A huge storm just rolled through your area leaving in its wake downed trees & power lines. Now what do you do in order to get your life back to “normal” as soon as possible? Your first call should be to the emergency phone line of your power company if live lines are lying on the ground. After that your next call should be to a reputable tree company to come remove the large tree that possibly pulled the electric or gas service boxes away from your home.

Once the power & gas companies have shut off the service to your home, you will need qualified, insured & reputable tree service personnel to come to your home & remove that tree that caused the damage. We have dealt with many homeowners who call us saying “ok, the power company is saying that you need to come remove this tree before they can reconnect our power.” Emergency Tree Removal Service is something that not all tree companies do, or do well. Make sure the Emergency Tree Removal Service Company you use is licensed to do work in your area, is fully insured with both workmen’s comp & liability insurance & will expedite the work you need in a timely fashion & do it safely.

Just above you’ll note that I said to “make sure that the tree company you select to do your Emergency Tree Removal Service is fully licensed & insured”- how does one do that? It’s pretty simple. Ask the contractor bidding the work for a copy of their insurance & the policy numbers. Then you should take that information & make a phone call to the insurance companies to be sure that the policy is valid & in force. Sadly tragedy sometimes brings out the worst in people & unscrupulous people/ contractors can strike when your guard is down as you scramble to put the pieces of your life back together.

Quality emergency tree removal service is no accident. Do your homework and call reputable local tree companies for bids & then get copies in writing of what will be done. It’s also a good idea to check on line to make sure the contractor is a member of the BBB with a good rating or even better, if they are a company that has been accredited by the BBB.

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