Everything You Need To Know About Hansen’s Bio-Retention Soil

As urbanization spreads, runoff from stormwater has become a big environmental concern, creating flooding and polluted water. This creates not only an ill environment for plants and animals, but humans as well

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The bio-rentention soils, or simply bio-soils,  from Hansen’s Tree Service are perfect for landscaping low lying areas with poor drainage, as the unique custom blend of soil, compost, and sand allows for faster water infiltration than normal topsoil and enhanced drainage.

Hansen’s Bio-Retention Soil Prevents Harmful Runoff

bio-retention soils

Runoff can damage drinking water and the surrounding ecosystem, so it is essential to follow the strict guidelines for bioswales on your property. Our bio-retention soil can be used in bioswales anywhere around your facility such as at the bottom of hills or in the islands within your parking lot.

Hansen’s Bio-Retention Soil Is Perfect For Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are an excellent way to manage stormwater in depressed areas in a landscape. 

There are many ways to create a native Missouri rain garden that will help keep water away from the foundation of your home or business. These gardens are also low maintenance, as they “water” themselves, and since they whisk water away they help reduce mosquito populations.

Our bio-retention soil is the ultimate growing medium that is packed full of plant-loving nutrients while offering the advantage of excellent drainage.

Hansen’s Bio-Retention Soil Meets St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District Specifications

Many businesses and city properties trust Hansen’s Tree Service as their chosen resource when it comes to helping manage stormwater runoff, as our bio-retention soil meets the specifications of the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District so you can plant with confidence. 

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