Is Fall the Best Time to Trim Your Trees?

treesWhen it comes time to trim your trees, is there any “right time” to do it? Should you trim in the fall before it gets cold and starts snowing or would it be better to wait until spring? Before you begin deciding when to trim your trees, it’s important to understand why you want them trimmed and how trimming will affect your specific tree.

Don’t Get Caught Up in Timing

Sometimes, there is too much emphasis put on timing, which can make some people forgo trimming their trees when they need to. Most of the time, people have their trees pruned for reasons other than health or safety, with aesthetics usually coming in first. However, if your tree needs to be trimmed for safety reasons (dead limbs, for instance), it’s very important to get these limbs removed regardless of the season.

Trim Your Trees Correctly

When trees are correctly trimmed and pruned, there should not be any problems concerning the health of your trees when trimming in the fall. If trimming follows the Arboriculture Best Practices ANSI A300 Standard, most trees can be trimmed at any time.

Hire a Professional

Trimming trees is a precise science that is best carried out by a professional tree service. These services will consult with you about the best methods and safely trim your trees. If your trees are experiencing breakage, always take safety precautions and do not walk under hanging limbs or attempt to trim around power or cable lines.

If you are concerned about the health of your tree before trimming, contact a professional tree trimming service with arborists who will help you determine what’s best for your specific needs.

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