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Getting your trees evaluated is the first step in keeping them healthy and safe. Now is the time to do that before spring storms set in. Getting your trees evaluated is an integral part of your tree’s healthcare, as well as keeping them beautiful.

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Getting your trees evaluated is as easy as calling your local tree care company, like Hansen’s Tree Service.

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Before getting your trees evaluated, you’ll need to choose the right tree care company. They should be insured, have professional certifications, the right equipment, and will consult with you. Hansen’s Tree Service employs ISA Certified Arborists who have been trained—and continue training—to bring you the best tree care possible while minimizing damage at every turn.

Learn About Your Tree’s Unique Needs

All trees are unique, and not all need the same treatments. What works for one may not work for another. If you’re worried about your trees, consulting a professional arborist will go a long way in helping you understand if your trees are at risk. Even if your tree needs just needs pruning, Hansen’s Tree Service is dedicated to providing you with safe, effective tree care.

Stop Problems From Starting Or Worsening

When you get your trees evaluated, they can stop problems from starting or worsening over time. For example, suppose you have a tree susceptible to pests or diseases like Emerald Ash Borer or Dutch Elm Disease. In that case, an evaluation will provide you with the knowledge and treatment options to combat it.

Tree evaluations can also come with a risk assessment, where we’ll perform a level 1 tree risk assessment to evaluate not only your tree’s health but its structural integrity and potential for property damage. This assessment is a valuable piece of information, especially if you are purchasing or selling a property with trees on it. Hazardous trees are a safety hazard that should be taken care of soon as possible to avoid injuries and liability.

Whenever we provide you with treatment options for your trees, know that you are getting an expert’s experienced evaluation.

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