Get Your Trees Inspected This Spring!

Spring is here at last! That means sunshine, warmer weather, and time spent outdoors after a long winter trapped inside. It also means it is time to get your lawn in order and your trees inspected.

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By getting your trees inspected this spring, you will be protecting their health and the safety of your property, as well as surrounding trees. Here are several reasons why you will want to get your trees inspected this spring:

Risk Assessments For Spring Storms

Spring storms can wreak havoc on your trees if they have not been cared for, from broken branches to uprooting and falling over. While you can’t completely protect yourself and your trees from extreme weather, there are steps you can take to minimize damage potential.

That is where risk assessments come in.

The ISA-certified professional arborists at Hansen’s Tree Service will come to your home and perform a risk assessment on your trees to identify what trees create an unacceptable risk to your property and create a personalized treatment strategy.

We can also appraise your trees for insurance, litigation, casualty loss, or condemnation.

Learn About Your Tree’s Unique Needs

Getting your trees inspected this spring will also go a long way in helping you understand your trees and their unique needs. For example, a newly planted tree will need regular watering in order to help prevent transplant shock.

By knowing more about your trees and their needs, you will be able to better care for them and spot when something is wrong.

Check For Pests & Disease

A spring inspection of your trees will allow your consulting arborist to check for and identify any pests or disease that could be plaguing your trees and peace of mind.

Spring is the time to get your trees treated with horticultural oil, a safe and effective way to kill pests and their eggs on contact. A professional at Hansen’s Tree Service will be able to advise you when and if your trees will benefit from horticultural oil treatments or another method.

Choose A Professional, Insured Tree Care Service Like Hansen’s

Your trees provide many benefits, from reduced energy bills, blocking noise, and reducing air temperature, so be sure to pick the right tree care service before getting your trees inspected this spring. This will go a long way in ensuring the health and safety of your trees, as a professional tree care company should be:

  • Insured and willing to show you their certificate of insurance
  • Using the right equipment
  • Professionally certified
  • More than happy to consult with you about your tree’s care

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