Hansen’s 3 Tips For Spring Planting & Beautiful Blooms

Spring is a time of new life after the dreariness of winter. It is also the time to begin planning and planting your garden for beautiful blooms throughout the season. Gardening is more than putting plants you like into the ground and hoping for the best. It requires planning, patience, and the right materials.

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To make your garden a success this summer, follow these four tips from Hansen’s Tree Service for beautiful blooms.

Plan Your Garden Before You Begin Planting

spring gardeningl Here at Hansen’s Tree Service, we like to say, “The right tree in the right place.” This motto also applies to your flowers and other plants! The right plant in the right location provides a host of benefits such as healthier, stronger plants, and reduced stormwater runoff. For example, planting something that cannot tolerate a lot of water in an area that is known for flooding will result in a plant that cannot survive.

Always plan your garden before you begin planting. This means mapping out your gardening area and observing it throughout the day and different weather conditions to understand what plant should go where.

Carefully Read All Planting Instructions

Once you have planned your garden and gotten the plants you want, it is almost time to begin planting. Before you do so, make sure that you have carefully read all the planting instructions, as each will have different requirements.

Carefully clean all tools before use to prevent introducing bacteria into the soil that could harm your plants.

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