Hansen’s Essential Summer Tree Care Checklist

Tree - LeafWelcome, summer!

If you haven’t already been thinking about your trees and their summer health, it’s time to start. Tree maintenance is your responsibility as a property owner to keep your property safe and your trees healthy.

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For healthy trees this summer, follow our essential summer tree care checklist:

Prune Dead & Unsafe Branches

Pruning can be done at any time of the year, especially if the limbs needing to be removed are dead and unsafe. Tree pruning promotes healthy growth while removing hazards.

Have a professional arborist prune your trees! Attempting to prune your trees on your own can result in serious injury. The professional at Hansen’s Tree Service are trained and insured to perform this work.

Support Weak Limbs

Weak limbs on trees need to be supported or remove to prevent damage to the tree and surrounding property. If you do not want to remove a damaged tree, dynamic tree cabling can help. Here, steel cabling and slings are installed between branches to prevent them from moving further apart. The cabling is non-invasive and moves naturally with the tree.

Dynamic tree cabling is not just for damaged trees! If you have a large tree with weak branch unions and attachments, cabling and braces can be installed to distribute their weight and reduce the likelihood of breakage.

Check Their Water Requirements

If the summer has been dry, check the soil around your trees to make sure they have been getting enough water. This is especially true for younger, newly established trees as their root systems are still forming.

Plant Health Care Inspection

Summer is a good time to check your trees to see if there is evidence of damaging insects or disease. If you’re not sure what to look for, an ISA Certified Arborist with Hansen’s can help you out. Many issues appear this time of year and we can take steps to address it now, or provide a prescription and pricing for future treatments.

Top Up On Mulch, If Needed

Mulch helps your trees conserve much-needed moisture during the summer heat and suppresses weeds. Check your mulch levels to see if it needs to be topped off. If the mulch is less than 2 inches in depth after raking it for aerating, apply a little more. Mulch should never be more than 2 inches in depth or piled at the base of the tree.

Need mulch? Hansen’s can keep you supplied with online ordering and delivery to your home.

Get Your Trees Professionally Inspected

A professional inspection of your trees is always a good idea. An ISA-certified arborist will come to your home to inspect them for damage, pests, and disease before providing you with treatment options.

Take Control Of Your Tree’s Health

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