Hansen’s Fall Yard Service Includes Aeration and Fertilization


Does Having Too Much Outdoor Fun Cause Problems for Your Yard?

Summer is a time for outdoor activity, but patio parties, playing catch in the front yard, and other causes of high lawn traffic can damage your yard when left unattended. These activities can cause soil compaction, cutting off important nutrients to your grass’s roots. Soil must be porous in order to absorb the correct amount of air, water, and nutrients necessary for a thriving lawn.

This process is especially important during the autumn months, when St. Louis and St. Charles experience less frying sunlight and more rain. If your yard’s soil is too compressed during the fall, your lawn may suffer in the consequences come springtime. An unhealthy lawn can lead to permanently dead patches of grass caused by lawn diseases or weeds. By investing in aeration and fertilization yard services in autumn, you save yourself expense in the future for lawn disease management and weed control.

Solve the Problem With Hansen’s Fall Yard Services!

In addition to other fall yard services for St. Louis and St. Charles residents, fall aeration and fertilization determine your yard’s exposure to air, water, and nutrients during this essential time period. Hansen’s provides both of these services, even in the fall.

  • Aeration: To ensure necessary interactions between the elements take place, hire a trusted St. Louis or St. Charles yard service like Hansen’s to aerate your lawn. Aeration will open up your compacted summer soil and expose your grass to air, water, and nutrients more easily.
  • Fertilization/Top Dressing: Of course, once your lawn is exposed, it is important to make sure roots are given the best nutrients available. We provide a top dressing service to save you from the messy fertilization process. However, if you are a proactive homeowner who likes to get down and dirty with your lawn on your own, Hansen’s offers several fertilization products, including the popular and effective magic bean.


Keep your lawn healthy year-round with Hansen’s yard services for St. Louis and St. Charles.

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