Hansen’s Helps Neighbor in Need

Neighbors at the Park Charles Subdivision in St. Peters will wake up to the sound of tree chippers, trucks and a tree crew from Hansen’s Tree Service, which has volunteered to remove three large trees as part of a major yard reconstruction project for a family in need. The St. Charles County Ambulance District, in partnership with Project HEART, a local charitable organization for the developmentally disabled, enlisted the help of Hansen’s Tree Service to remove the trees in order make way for 26 dump trucks, three Bobcats and 25,000 square feet of dirt to install a drainage system and retaining wall for the family over the weekend. “We are so grateful to Hansen’s for removing these trees. We were thinking of trying to do it on our own, but the trees are huge, and it would have been too dangerous. We couldn’t have done this project without them,” said Marty Limpert of the Ambulance District.

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