Hansen’s Lawn Service: Fall Mowing Promotes Growing

Don’t Let the Cold Fool You!

Some home owners have the misconception that fall signifies the end of lawn care. However, it is important to prepare your lawn for winter through September, October, and November to prevent cold-causing lawn problems such as snow mold. Hansen’s lawn service for St. Louis and St. Charles can provide tips and perform tasks to keep your lawn beautiful for the following warm season.

Fall Mowing is Essential to the Hansen’s Lawn Care Program

One of the most basic and essential St. Louis lawn services Hansen’s provides throughout the fall is mowing. It is important to keep mowing your lawn until it stops growing near the end of the year. When grass is too high (over three inches) during the winter, it becomes matted and can trap the snow, causing snow mold. This means that all the hard work you’ve put into your lawn over the spring and summer will be for naught by next April.

Mowing can be a difficult chore to maintain after the fantastic weather St. Louis and St. Charles experienced this past summer. This is where Hansen’s can step in and take the mowing obligation off your hands. Our staff is practical, convenient, and conscientious of the time you’ve already spent on your lawn. Have you ever accidentally run over a plant, new tree, or even a cadence of flowers with your lawn mower? Hansen’s lawn service in St. Louis and St. Charles will take every precaution to ensure that only your grass is mown and the rest of your property remains intact.

Don’t Miss Out on Hansen’s Mowing Services–Call today!

Hansen’s offers competitive prices and unbeatable lawn service packages. We know exactly what it takes to keep your lawn healthy year-round. To find out more about what fall lawn services Hansen’s provides in St. Charles and St. Louis, call us now.

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