Hansen’s Tree Servce Helps Stray Rescue

Hansen’s Tree Service is a “Donation Drop Location” for items that are in high demand at Stray Rescue of St. Louis. This donation drive is called Frills Fur Babies. Donations are needed to help our furry friends in need. Followin is a wish list of most needed items:
Old Towels & Blankets/ Dry & Canned Dog/Cat Food/ Dry & Canned Puppy/ Kitten Food/ Wire Dog Crates of all sizes/ Cat & Dog Leashes/ Toys & Rawhides/ Treats for both Cats & Dogs/ Peanut Butter/ 60 gal Garbage Bags/ Bleach/ Dye-Free Detergent/ Cleaning Supplies/ Lysol/ Air Sanitizers/ Surgical Gloves/ Litter Boxes/ Litter/ Food & Water Bowls & of course Volunteers & Foster Parents!

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