Hansen’s Tree Service Can Provide Tree Care In The Tightest Spots

At Hansen’s Tree Service, no job is too big or too small. But sometimes, providing tree care like removal can be problematic when they are close to homes, sheds, utilities, and other trees. This can make it difficult to use our larger, standard equipment to provide effective tree care on your property.

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To overcome this challenge, Hansen’s Tree Service utilizes the best up-to-date equipment so we can easily service the trees you need serviced, even in the tightest spots!Street light - Tree

Reach Tight Places With The Spider Lift

One of the pieces of equipment we use to reach those hard-to-reach spaces is the spider lift. This piece of machinery is lightweight and remote-controlled and can fit through areas like fence gates. The spider lift accomplishes this by folding its legs in and is piloted in via remote on treads.

Despite its compact size, the spider lift can reach 60 feet in less than a minute. Using the spider-lift, we can often eliminate or reduce the need for manual climbing, making tree removal more cost-effective and much safer.

Hansen’s Tree Service Is Fully Insured For Everyone’s Safety

We take the safety of you, your property, and our employees seriously. We never say, “It probably won’t happen” because tree care is a dangerous job that is best left to the professionals. We are fully insured and our team regularly participates in continuing education classes, honing safety, and industry skills.

Hansen’s utilizes all applicable standards, in particular the ANSI Z133 for safety and the ANSI A300 for tree care operations.

For safe, effective tree care that minimizes damage at every level, trust the experts at Hansen’s Tree Service.

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