Help! My Tree Isn’t Blooming!

tree not bloomingSpring means blooming trees, bringing a wash of beautiful green to our daily lives. But when our trees fail to bloom and bring those gorgeous buds, there is understandable disappointment. Is it something you did?

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Not necessarily.

There are many possible reasons your prized flowering tree is failing to bloom:

Damage To The Tree

Damage from winter stress, pests, and poor tree care practices can prevent your trees from blooming. Early blooming can harm buds can result in the dieback of new growth, leaf browning, and leaf drop.

Pruning at the Wrong Time of Year

Pruning too early and pruning away flower buds that are already formed can reduce the number of flowers you see. Best pruning time will depend on when the tree or shrub creates its flower buds.

Lack Of Nutrients From Soil Deficiencies

Nutrient deficiencies in the soil will affect the health of your trees and their ability to bloom. A soil test will be able to tell you what essential nutrients are missing and the problem can be remedied with the right fertilizer and soil amendments.

A Lack Of Water To Absorb Nutrients

Water is essential in helping trees get the nutrients they need so they can bud! When a tree is stressed from prolonged lack of water, such as during a drought, the fibrous roots that are responsible for moisture absorption begin to die back. This prevents the tree from being able to bloom, resulting in dieback.

The Tree Is Experiencing Insufficient Sunlight

Insufficient sunlight can prevent your trees from blooming. Many blooming trees require at least three hours of sunlight in order to bloom correctly. When choosing areas to plant your trees, always double check their sunlight requirements to help ensure a healthy bloom.

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