How To Ensure A Green Lawn Next Spring

Fall is officially here, which means it is time to get your lawn prepped for spring. Yes, even in the fall you will need to do some lawn work to give it a head start and reduce headaches for you.

Here’s how you can help ensure a green lawn in the spring:

Aerate The Soil

Aerating your soil can help oxygen, water, and fertilizer reach the roots of your grass. This process is also essential if you are planning on spreading seed on your lawn, as it will encourage a stronger, deeper lawn.

Take Advantage Of Top Dressing

Even the best soil degrades over time, losing essential nutrients you lawn needs to thrive. Topdressing is an excellent way to add nutrients to your lawn through 100% organic compost.

Before you add topdressing to fertilize your lawn, check its pH levels to ensure that it really needs it. Over-fertilization can burn your lawn and promote the growth of weeds.

Reseed For A Fuller Lawn

If needed, reseed your lawn to fill in any bald spots. Reseeding will not only help this issue, but thicken your lawn if it is thinning. To spread seed, choose the right grass seed for your area and spread it using a spreader. Then water the lawn to get the seeds going and water at least twice a day (weather permitting) until the seedlings have caught up in height with the rest of your lawn.

If you are having difficulty choosing the best seed for your lawn, a professional company can help guide you to the right product.

Clean Up Your Lawn

This fall, be sure to clean up your lawn of debris. This means raking up leaves to prevent the growth of harmful fungi and sticks that could possibly get hung up in your mower and damage it.

Even though it is fall, keep mowing your lawn until the grass is no longer actively growing to prevent the stalks from getting tangled and developing snow mold.

Nip Weeds In The Bud

Fall is a good time to do some weed control to reduce their numbers in the spring for a greener lawn. Before tackling weeds, know what kind you have so you can get rid of them the right way. For example, to remove dandelions simply pull them up, making sure to get the taproot, or apply an herbicide.

Taking care of weeds early will stop them from taking over come spring.

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