Is Fall The Best Time To Plant Your Trees? Yes!

Yes, fall is the best time to plant most trees. Fall moisture levels, mild temperatures, and a tree growth cycle make it an idea time to plant. Planting in the fall will help ensure your trees will survive and flourish for decades to come.

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Fall Moisture Helps Establish Root Systems

Unlike the heavier spring rains, fall rains are usually not as harsh which means your tree can get the moisture it needs without becoming flooded. Too much water without proper soil drainage can cause root rot.

This gentle moisture will also help your tree establish strong root systems, so it can pull the nutrients it needs from the soil.

Fall Temperatures Are Cooler

Fall is also an ideal time to plant because the temperatures tend to be more moderate, which makes it less likely that the young trees will become stressed.

Thanks to cooler temperatures, root growth is encouraged while top growth is not. So there is no need to worry if the tree is not growing bigger leaves—energy is being directed to the roots for a stronger system, which means your tree will be able to better absorb water and nutrients and contain energy for stress and damage repair.

\An increase in root growth during the cooler temperatures of fall is a normal part of the tree’s growth cycle.  Trees planted in the fall can develop roots to prepare for the droughty conditions of the following summer.

Its critical that newly planted trees develop roots quickly.  When they are transplanted from a nursery they lose up to 90% of their existing roots.  Without a full root system, young trees struggle to absorb enough water from the soil.

Consult With A Professional Arborist Before Planting

Before you plant your new tree, remember to contact a professional arborist or nursery professional before you do so. Each tree has different planting requirements (existing soil composition, planting depth, nutritional needs) based on their native hardiness zone or how they were packaged at the nursery.

Consulting with a professional will allow you to plant the best tree for your location and help ensure its survival. They will also recommend the best plant health care plan for your new tree so it can thrive in its new home.

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