Native Landscaping: Trees & Plants To Attract Birds In Missouri

Spring is just around the corner and already we are starting to see birds like robins make their appearance. Birds are an essential part of our ecosystem, acting as pollinators and pest control.

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Not only are birds essential, they are also beautiful to look at, making birdwatching a very popular hobby. To attract birds to your lawn, choose native Missouri landscaping:


Flowering dogwood is not just the state tree of Missouri. It is also a popular choice for both resident and migratory birds, thanks to their early ripening fruits. These ornamental trees also make great habitats, as some dogwoods, like the gray dogwood, have a tendency to form suckers and thickets.


Oak trees provide cover, roosting, and nesting sites for many species of birds, thanks to their spread and height. Oaks are also a great source of food as many species of insects feed on its foliage, attracting birds. As such, oaks are a vital tree for bird nesting and breeding.

Red cedar

When it comes to cover, roosting, and nesting habitats, the year-round foliage of red cedar cannot be beat. Red cedar provides to food for insects, which in turn provides food for birds.


Winterberry is a species of holly native to eastern North America that brightens up a winter landscape and whose berries persist until spring. Their thick foliage provides ample cover for birds and an emergency food source in winter.

Always Choose The Best Tree For Your Yard

Not every tree can be planted in your yard. The right tree in the right place optimizes the benefits of trees and their attraction to birds. Knowing your site conditions, space constraints, and purchasing a high-quality tree will help ensure a healthy local ecosystem and lower maintenance.

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