Need bulk compost? Hansen’s has bulk compost!

By now everyone has probably seen small bags of compost in their local garden centers & wondered to themselves “How in the world can I renovate my lawn with that??? I’d have to buy hundreds of bags!!” No need to wonder; Hansen’s has bulk compost and we are ready to deliver to your home or other location where you are trying to improve the soil. So no matter what amount of compost you are in need of –be it a small 5 gallon bucket full to try some on your potted plants, or you need a semi tractor trailer bulk compost delivery- we can handle your needs right here with one phone call.

If you still have questions on our compost, mulch or tree questions, please phone us, there is someone here most of the time who can answer your questions and help to steer you in the right direction. Our lawn care manager Curtis Foster and his assistant Sara Meadows will be happy to explain how we use compost to renovate lawns so that you have no fear of that big pile of bulk compost that gets delivered when you hire us to aerate, overseed and then top-dress your lawn with compost. No- we are not going to bury your lawn in dirt! Let Sara & Curtis do their best to explain how a compost spreader works & how that fine layer of compost will work into those aeration cores and make your dirt and lawn so much better, stronger and drought resistant.

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