Oh, Snap! Protecting Young Trees From Cold Snaps

The days in St. Louis may have been unseasonably warm, but nights have shown to be getting progressively colder. When cold snaps happen, they can damage young, susceptible trees.

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Protecting young trees from cold snaps will prevent damage that can hinder their health and growth. Follow these four tips for protecting trees during the unexpected cold.

Cover Susceptible Trees

protect young trees cold snapCovering susceptible trees with burlap or another kind of insulating material will help protect them from cold snaps. Covers will also prevent deer foraging and winter damage, such as sunscald and drying.

Keep an eye on the weather and cover your trees when the temperature is predicted to get close to freezing and threatens frost. In the morning, when the day warms up, remember to remove the cover. Keeping the cover on when it is not needed can encourage moisture to become trapped inside and attract pests and disease.

Remember to cover trees only when they are young or have thin bark. Otherwise, most trees do not need to be covered.

If Potted, Bring Young Trees To A Protected Location

You can protect potted trees from cold snaps by merely moving them to a protected location. This can be the garage’s inside, a sheltered place under the deck, or anywhere else that is best.

Keep Your Trees Well-Watered

Keeping your trees well-watered, even in the winter, will help them ward off root damage and take in the nutrients they need. To determine if your trees need watering, stick a screwdriver into the soil. If it comes away dry, give the trees a slow soaking of water.

Apply Hansen’s 100% Organic Mulch

Applying Hansen’s 100% organic mulch to young trees’ base will go a long way in protecting young trees from cold snaps. Mulching in fall is a wonderful, natural way of insulating roots from the harsh cold, suppresses weeds, and helps the soil retain moisture.

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