Professional Stump Removal Services in St. Louis

A dead tree stump can make an otherwise beautiful yard seem unsightly. Not only that, spreading roots can cause damage to the pavement or it could become a haven for insects that will infest your home.  Because of these problems, it is best to find professionals to come and safely and cleanly remove the stump from the yard, leaving behind a level area ready for planting. Hansen’s are your stump removal experts in St. Louis.

Because special tools are needed to completely extract the stump from the ground, it is not a good idea to attempt to do it yourself.  Safely removing a stump without a stump grinder can mean weeks of work in order to get all parts out of the ground.  Attempting to remove a stump without proper training and equipment may result in serious injury.  It can also be extremely expensive to rent a stump grinder. Therefore hiring a St. Louis stump removal team can help save time and money and do the job right.

Now that we’re into June, plants are starting to bloom and your yard is beginning to come together.  With backyard barbeques on the horizon and other outdoor gatherings ready to commence, it is time to get that ugly stump removed once and for all.  This way, when you are entertaining your guests, they can admire the beauty of your yard instead of wondering why there is a huge, unsightly dead stump sitting in the middle of it.

With 25 years experience in lawn care, Hansen’s has built an impressive list of satisfied clients who rely on them for all their lawn care needs.  From stump removal to laying mulch, Hansen’s Tree Service does it all.  To find out how Hansen’s can help improve your yard, call us at 636.379.1830 today!

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