Refining Our Composting Process for Better Air Quality

hansens-green-resource-recycling-facilityAt Hansen’s, we prioritize being good stewards in our community and being environmentally responsible. This includes being good neighbors. Hansen recognized that our green resources recycling facility on Hoff Road had an excess of smell that was making the air around our facility unpleasant. We are committed to being a responsible business and measures are underway to remediate the existing odor and prevent it in the future.

Solving Community Issues Efficiently

Since becoming aware of the issue, we have developed new procedures for composting and how our green waste is handled. By changing how we store and compost our green waste, we can continue making environmentally-friendly products like organic mulch and compost while also eliminating bad odors. However, please note that the refining process is not immediate; it will take a few months for the smell to dissipate completely. We are diligently engaged in solving this problem to improve the air quality for everyone.

Working Hand-in-Hand with Community Experts

We would like to thank Compostable Technologies LLC for their help in refining our composting process. Their assistance in creating a step-by-step solution has been invaluable and will be key in preventing this issue from happening again in the future.

Welcoming Your Feedback

Lastly, listening to our neighbors’ and customers’ valuable feedback helps us to better serve our community. If you have questions or comments about our green resource recycling or other services, please contact us today at [email protected].

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