Safely Removing TP From Your Trees This Halloween

Now, we’re not saying your trees will get TP’d as a “trick” this Halloween but drive around any neighborhood and you may see TP strung up. And if it has happened to you before, you know how frustrating it can be to remove.

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To safely remove TP from your trees this Halloween, follow these four tips:

Never Use Fire To Remove TP From Your Trees!

remove tp from treeWhen attempting to remove TP from your trees, never use fire. In 2014, a family attempted just that and the fire spread to their home. Fires can easily get out of control, especially when done in an environment with wood, leaves, and paper.

Start At The Top & Work Down

Using a long lawn tool like a rake, carefully start at the top of the tree and carefully work your way down the tree. Unwind the TP from the branches rather than pulling, as pulling can make an even bigger mess. If you cannot reach, a leaf blower is an acceptable alternative.

Remove TP Before It Gets Wet

Removing wet TP from trees is very difficult. It becomes much harder to remove than when dry and can stick to your trees, making them an unsightly mess. You may not be able to remove all of the TP from your trees, but don’t worry, it will not harm your trees.

Avoid Removing TP From Trees By Power Lines

If a tree is by a power line, do not attempt to remove the TP yourself. Call your local ISA-certified arborist like those at Hansen’s Tree Service to safely care for the tree. Your arborist will contact the power company to stop the power to that section. Or, you could simply let it be.

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