Should I Remove The Ivy Growing On My Tree?

Yes! As pretty as ivy is growing up your trees, this vine can deprive your tree of essential nutrients for a strong and healthy life.

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English ivy is especially invasive to the area and can be a problem if it reaches the tree’s canopy. If it does so, it can block off much needed light and weigh down branches. Ivy can also hide trunk cavities that might be indicators of internal decay. This can cause your tree branches to die and break off, leading to a dangerous situation.

Remove The Ivy’s Roots & Let It Die Off Naturally

To remove the threat of ivy, you will need to kill it first. This can be done by cutting and pulling the ivy vines out of the ground around your tree by the roots and mulch the area around the tree. When you are working with ivy, wear gloves and long sleeves to reduce the risk of injury and contact with plants like poison ivy.

Finally, let the ivy die off naturally.

Gently Remove The Vines

Once the vines have died off on your trees, you can choose to remove them or let them be.

When removing vines from your trees, you should remove them gently—never pull. This can damage the bark and invite in pests and disease. Instead, start at the bottom of the vines and gently clip them away from the tree using a set of clean clippers. If you meet resistance, don’t force the ivy away—let it be.

Deal With Any Sprouts Immediately

To prevent ivy from making a home on your trees again you will need to take preventive measures to stop it growing back.

If you see ivy sprouts growing up around your trees, remove them immediately. This will prevent the ivy from creeping back up your trees, forcing you to begin the removal process all over again.

Alternatively, you could use a safe herbicide to remove the roots. Just be sure that the product is safe for your trees, yard, and children and pets. An ISA Certified arborist can help you with this method to ensure the safety of your plants.

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When it comes to the health of your trees it is best not to leave it to chance. Hansen’s Tree Service offers tree consulting at your home by our professional ISA certified arborists. They will help you remove ivy from your trees to restore their vigor and provide you with a health care plan to ensure the tree’s continued health.

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