So You Have A Storm Damaged Tree


Now What?

It happens far too often. You intended to get that tree trimmed up, the crown reduced, or have the interior of the tree pruned so it didn’t have as much volatility in a storm (so important with Bradford Pear trees) but you just never made the call to the tree care company and you have a storm damaged tree. What should you do? If the tree isn’t completely down & you would like to try to keep & preserve the tree, you should quickly call an arborist to come assess the amount of storm damage the tree has suffered. Is it just some broken & cracked branches? If so, the arborist will likely show you how the tree could be pruned in order to save it along with making aesthetically pleasing again.

Sometimes a storm damaged tree is just too far gone. An example of this would be one that was severely hit by lightening. Even to the novice you will likely see splitting/ cracking on the tree & possibly a burn mark. Sometimes lightening strikes even “cook” the sap of the tree. If this is the case & you suspect that your tree has been struck by lightening you should definitely make a call to a tree care company with a qualified arborists on staff.

Why Call Hansen’s?

When calling tree care companies always find out if they are a local business & what their service areas are & if they offer emergency tree service and of course, inquire about their years in business and insurance. Local companies will likely do the best work for you as they reside in your area instead of someplace out of state so their stake in doing a good job for you is much greater. Local companies have a reputation to uphold in the community and dealing locally also insures that you won’t be taken advantage of some “fly by night out of state company” with which you have no recourse when they leave town if you are unhappy with their service work.

At Hansen’s, we aren’t happy until you are happy. Hansen’s Tree Service serves all of metro St. Louis, St. Charles, Lincoln & Warren Counties as well as near counties in IL from our location in O’Fallon, MO. Should your storm damage tree be at your lake home in the Branson, MO area, Hansen’s can be of help there in addition to serving all of the SW MO area.

If you do have a storm damaged tree, don’t wait for more limbs to crack out of it with the next big wind & send large limbs on to the roof or your driveway, take care of it as soon as it happens & call and ask for the advice of an arborist right away.

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